About Us

We are proud to say all our cashew nuts are grown from our very own cashew orchards in Guinea, West Africa.
The rich fertile soil allows us to grow cashews without the use of fertilisers & pesticides and we ensure no salts, sugars, oils, additives or preservatives are added.
Our recent investment in an automated production line at our facilities in Guinea gives us the opportunity to be one of a very small handful of companies that can proudly say we are ''cashew growers'' that have successfully brought our branded cashews to the consumer market. 
Traditionally cashew nuts (in there shells) have been exported for decades from various African countries to processing facilities typically in India and Vietnam where the nuts are removed from there shells, repacked and eventually exported to Europe and the US market.
At Prime Earth we're conscious of the environment and playing a roll in minimising our carbon footprint, we are happy to have reduced our carbon footprint by carrying out the processing and quality control of the cashew nuts in its country of origin (Guinea) and thus avoiding the excessive journey from West Africa to Asia then to Europe!
We absolutely ensure NO oils are used in our range of cashew nut butters as we believe demand for palm oil is causing huge devastation and deforestation in large parts of the world.